Advanced Life Insurance Planning

At Primal Equity, we take life insurance to an entirely different level. We view it not as an off-the-shelf product, but merely a chassis, which can achieve a myriad of objectives when properly designed. We build life insurance solutions based on our clients’ unique circumstances, and regularly review client portfolios from both a structural and economic perspective as their objectives or market conditions change.  Through our efforts, our clients can take advantage of the certainty and leverage that life insurance adds to their overall portfolio. While high tax rates and low bond yields chip away at investment returns, life insurance can serve as an alternative to conservative investments, with tax advantages including tax free growth and withdrawals, similar a Roth IRA. In additional to the traditional benefits, modern permanent life insurance provides living benefits to pay the cost of chronic care, often replacing a lifetime of long term care insurance premiums.

Executive Benefits

Primal Equity specializes in benefit plans designed to address the retirement savings gap confronting most of today’s higher-earning executives, helping them achieve their individual goals and the goals of their key employees. Our plans range from deferred contributions to executive fringe benefits to fully insured pension plans, depending on the business needs and tax advantages.

Personal and Business Disability Planning

1 in 8 people will be disabled for five years or more during their working careers--mostly due to illness. We specialize in individual disability income planning, disability buyout for funding buy/sell partnership agreements, and business overhead expenseto cover business your expenses while disabled. Good planning is critically important to all business owners and professionals.

Business Succession Planning

What if you or another co-owner passes away or becomes disabled, how will the ownership situation be resolved? Planning for continuation of ownership is a fundamental need of any closely held business, especially one that has more than one owner or complex family considerations. When customizing your plan, we account for all scenarios involving death, disability and retirement.

Premium Financing

Most high net worth individuals recognize the benefits of permanent life insurance in estate, business and asset accumulation planning, However, bank financed premium creates additional capital maximization opportunities, such as lower premium payments, additional death benefit, improved cash performance and reduced impact on existing investments and cash flow.

Corporate Retirement Plans

The Department of Labor recently issued regulations for qualified retirement plans, including personal liability considerations for plan fiduciaries, which could significantly impact your plan. The good news is there are steps you can take to help protect yourself against this risk. We will conduct a complimentary review of your plan and assist you in completing your "due diligence file."

Retirement Income Maximization

Annual retirement income can be reduced by a large factor when underestimating the impact fluctuating market returns and inefficient tax strategy has on withdrawal rates. Our use of non-correlated assets and tax-advantaged strategies to create buffers against the effects of uncertain returns and low interest rate environments can help dramatically improve expected retirement incomes.

​Areas of Focus

Client Services

Our firm is positioned to manage your financial risk through advanced strategies, objective advice and personal attention. They say that income protection is the cornerstone of all financial planning! We take that seriously and approach each client with the following principles in mind. Establish appropriate levels of insurance to protect retirement assets and future earnings against the risk of death, disability and the costs of chronic care. Reduce the weight of income and estate taxes and build a balanced portfolio of investments and insurance to maximize growth with minimal impact on return. Introduce a retirement plan including a high ratio of guaranteed and stable income.